CeMAP® 1 Online Tests
2014/2015 Edition
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Tell me about the tests

I had an email recently from a student of CeMAP who had studied the syllabus thoroughly, understood everything but when it came to the actual exam, really felt confused by the complexity of the questions in the exam.

So we decided to make these online tests available to students and really put them up against the real standards that CeMAP takes you to.

In total, you have 210 quality questions covering CeMAP 1 split into 7 separate online tests of 30 questions each test, and delivered to your email inbox over a 3 day period.

Summary of Benefits

  • All your tests done online – no need to travel and attend classes
  • Tests pitched at the real CeMAP level
  • Answers provided immediately, no delay
  • Gets you ready for the real online experience
  • All you need is access to a computer with internet access
  • At just £9.99 its extremely good value and a great way of finishing off your study programme.

"Good evening Paul, everything was great, I have found it extremely helpful and managed to pass the unit 2 questions and find that unit 1 needs more work, the exam is booked for 3 weeks so hardcore cramming on capital gains and IHT and I should be ok! Thanks for your help, really really good format!"

The Home Study Structure

Each day you'll be sent an email which contains a link to an online test. Click on the link and you'll be taken to the test area, where you sit down and take the exam.

Day one has 90 questions, so you'll need to allocate just under 2 hours, but you can do the three separate tests at different times to ease the pain!

Day two has 60 questions, as does day 3.

Finish and the test paper is then answered for you.

The Content for CeMAP® 1 Online Tests

Day Subject
1 Three separate online exams comprising 30 questions each covering the first half of Unit 1 of the CeMAP 1 Syllabus.
2 Two separate online exams comprising 30 questions each covering the second half of Unit 1 of the CeMAP 1 Syllabus.
3 Two separate online exams comprising 30 questions each covering the second half of Unit 2 of the CeMAP 1 Syllabus.



CeMAP Online Tests from Paul Archer on Vimeo.

A short video where Paul Archer demonstrates how the Archer Training CeMAP Online Test product works


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