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CeMAP 1 Online Home Study Course


  • 2016/2017 Edition
  • Immediate Activation
  • £135 inc VAT

Introducing the CeMAP 1 Online Home Study Course

We’ve been providing CeMAP® support and training since the exam was created in 1998 and have helped hundreds if not thousands of people to pass the exam.


Our unique proposition to you is cost effective training support utilising the power of technology and the internet to guide you through. We’re not providing face to face workshops, rather a distance learning solution using many methods such as activities and MP3s to listen to, videos, online tests and email tutor support.

Read on for more information or watch the 12 minute YouTube video which has Paul explaining it all to you. Click here

Summary of Benefits

  • All your study done online – no need to travel and attend classes

  • The whole syllabus is covered in a month - that's 31 days of emails getting you completely up to speed with the exam.

  • Very cost effective

  • You don't need to worry about knowing which bit to study next or plan out schedules - you just work on each email as it arrives every day.

  • Total guidance and direction given by the structure. 31 days laid out in military fashion allowing you to study a little every day. Overall you’ll study for between 50 to 60 hours over a month period so no cramming, nice and gentle.

  • Regular online testing to ensure you’re on course to pass.

  • Daily courses to tackle at home on your computer or laptop involving reading, activities, listening, web browsing and mini testing.

  • 401 minutes of online video footage comprising 50 separate videos, that's like attending a 1 day course with an expert tutor describing things to you with visual aids.

  • Email tutor support all the time that you are studying

  • All you need is access to a computer with internet access (broadband would be extremely useful) and a printer would help too. You could even do your email in Starbucks over a coffee one lunchtime and then listen to the MP3 file in the gym that evening or in the car on the way home. Maximise your down time.

The Home Study Structure

Each day you'll be sent an email which contains:

  1. A little bit of reading on one specific part of the syllabus

  2. An interactive exercise or activity designed to help you use the knowledge you've just learnt.

  3. Some multiple choice questions on that particular subject

  4. Usually an MP3 file containing audio covering the subject that you can listen to on your iPod or MP3 Player.

  5. Online videos - currently we have 470 minutes of online video

  6. Online tests

  7. Email access to a trainer

Video explaining how it all works



All the links all at once

Many people like the structure and discipline afforded by the daily email facility but some students like to dip into the training in timescales to suit themselves. This is how it can work as well.

We let you have the 31 daily links upfront. Each link takes you to a webpage which outlines about an hour to an hour and a half of work. So if you have a whole day to study, you could complete 4 or 5 of the links at once.

Some students have completed the whole course in a week and have passed their exam.


The Content for CeMAP® 1






UK Financial Services Industry


Stamp Duty and VAT


Deposits and Savings


National Insurance and Social Security Benefits


Gilts and other Bonds


Inflation and Interest Rates




2 Online Exams


Property Investments and REITs


Financial Services and Markets Act and the FCA


Pooled investments


Other Regulations


Bonds and Qualifying Rules


The FCA and Regulating Firms


Life Assurance


The FCA's Control Structure


Health and General Insurance


Training and Competence


Mortgages - Methods and Products plus three online exams


Conduct of Business Rules




Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules (MCOB) and ICOB


Giving Financial Advice


Money Laundering


Legal Concepts in Financial Services


Complaints and Compensation


Income Tax


Data Protection Act


Capital Gains Tax


2 Online Exams


Inheritance Tax


ifs University Registration

You need to separately get your registration with the ifs School of Finance, pay them the fee and they send you their rather large textbook which is the definitive reading for the entire exam. You have to have this as it comes part and parcel with the exam registration.  You can access their website by clicking here

Once you receive this or get access to a PDF version on their website, you crack on and enrol on the eCourse. Because when you bought our eCourse, we sent you a special password and web address so you could enrol when you were ready.


Online video

Currently we have over 470 minutes of online video integrated within the course. For a full list of these go here



Online tests

Every 10 days you'll be sent online tests to do which covers the areas you've been studying over those previous 10 days. It's a 30 question test and is set at a CeMAP® level so it's really difficult - much like the real test.

Click here for more details

You do the test online and then it's marked immediately and you know whether you've studies well. There's a second test in case you fall down on the first one.

It looks like this below:


Tutor Support

As soon as you enrol, you get access to a tutor via email who will answer any CeMAP related query you have, so you're not alone.

This is a feature no one really appreciates, until you need some help.



Some people like to go faster and some slower, so on day two we quote for you all the links so you can rush ahead or store some up for the weekend or when you have a weeks holiday or whenever. You can take control.

But if you don’t want to take control, just let the course emails continue to arrive and guide you through the whole study plan as we’ve worked that out for you.

The success with our eCourse is first class. Those people who work through every element, pass…and that’s a fact. But you do have to be careful. Skipping bits such as the reading and maybe just doing the questions, will spell a failure I’m afraid. Success comes from doing it all.

So your next step is to sign up now and begin your eCourse. Good luck.


How to enrol immediately?

When you’ve made your mind up to enrol click on the buy now button below.

You'll be whisked off to a secure download section and you can buy using your credit or debit card using our secure arrangement or PayPal.

And you'll be automatically supplied with a PDF file containing the password and enrolment details.

Very soon you'll be enjoying your CeMAP® 1 Online Home Study Pack.

Good luck

Once you have your password?

With your password you'll want to go straight to the enrolment page by clicking here and key in your name, email address where you would like to receive the emails and your unique password.

If you wish to use a different email address, this is fine.

Summary of the benefits of our CeMAP® 1 Online Home Study Course

  • Is much more cost effective – much cheaper than a classroom based course

  • Requires no travel or accommodation costs

  • Saves you time

  • Gives you a successful structure to follow

  • 50 to 60 hours of study drip fed over 31 days

  • Regular online testing at CeMAP® 1 level enables you to gauge how well you’re doing

  • Enables you to learn and revise without leaving your home

  • Multimedia training using all the senses - audio and video

  • Requires just a computer connected to the internet

  • Allows access to an experienced trainer

  • Helps you to pass first time


CeMAP® is a registered trademark of the ifs University College.  Use by Archer Training Ltd of this mark does not imply any endorsement of our training courses by the ifs University College.