Our Collection of Energisers

The Iceberg

This icebreaker helps your group get to know each other better by letting people share secrets.  Its neat and gets people up and moving as well.  Click here

Cross Selling Hook 'Em

A really clever ice breaker to use with groups who need to learn how to cross-sell at a retail setting such as a bank counter.  Click here

What're You Worth

A simple ice breaker merely to get people talking and re-energised.  Click here

The Energiser Archives

Here we have our archive of energisers


Train Trainer Self Study Workbook

What Are Energisers?

Our collection of energisers is growing but what exactly are they?

During training workshops, training events and talks, your audience will not always be attentive. When energy is low you can use Neuro Energisers or Physical Energisers to wake up their brains. Do tell them what you are doing - audiences are fascinated as to the latest brain research.

You can even use them to slow the group down if this is needed.

If you don't tell them what you're doing, the pragmatic ones will think they are just playing games and you'll get a smelly mark on your happy sheet!

And always try to link the icebreaker to the session content as this gets you to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Here's a collection of some of our Energisers. Feel free to use.

Here's a picture of me after a very exhausting energiser. 

Email me now if you want to know what I'd just been up to!

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