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Paul Archer's Advisory Skills Academy

  • Online
  • Next Intake - Winter 2022 - Starts January 25th 2022
  • £750 including VAT - special discount offer (30%) available to Members (Membership is free - join to the right)

The Challenge for Mortgage Advisers


This year has seen a considerable influx of new mortgage advisers entering the field as the demand for mortgage broking and advising spirals upwards.

In the past, many of these new advisers would have joined the big corporates in trainee positions. The banks, building societies and larger mortgage firms willing to employ, train, coach and incubate the new talent.

These advisers would have relished the training, benefitted massively and evolved into first-class professional advisers. They may have rewarded the firm or "paid back" their dues by giving them their loyalty for a few years; some would have stayed for many years, enjoying the stability and consistency of an employed position.

This is no more.

The big corporates are pulling out of giving advice, preferring to use brokers and intermediaries in the meantime to take the advice "risk". Ultimately they're investing heavily in automated tech-based advisory models.

Advisers Only Option

This leaves new advisers with little option but to seek positions as self-employed in the broking world. Few brokers or firms are willing to take on employed trainee advisers. Some are but very few. So the direction of travel is joining a network or an AR firm already a network member or directly authorised.

There are dozens of networks; here's a link to an exhaustive list:


Many will take you on as a trainee and train/coach you to CAS – Competent Adviser Status, but this is horrendously expensive and takes time. There's a lot to learn beyond CeMAP. Here's a video of Paul explaining his CAPLO system, which shows you precisely what you have to learn. It's on YouTube here:


Naturally, these networks will charge you a Princely Sum for this CAS training, and they should be too. They range from £250 to £300 per month, plus a large slice of any proc fees, and it could take up to 4 to 6 months.

Paul Archer's Advisory Skills Academy

You can Fastrack your CAS by showing the network that you have personally developed your skills in areas they may provide training. This may well speed up your CAS and save you some money.
Paul's Academy is industry-leading. He has been training advisers in their skills for over 25 years, is always up to date, has embraced the online video model fully and is in constant demand from corporates and brokers to develop their staff.

You can buy some training directly from him by signing up for Paul Archer's Advisory Skills Academy.

How It Works

During October, November and December of 2021, Paul will be running ten online workshops for Academy members on various sales and advisory skills topics. These are listed below.

  • The online workshops will be engaging, content-rich and developed personally by Paul to members only. We'll run these live around 7pm on Tuesday evenings, so all can attend live.
  • They last around 120 minutes and will be recorded for those members who miss them.
  • You'll be set up on the Learning Portal where you can access all the recordings and the comprehensive PDF white papers, articles and Paul's books which cover all the information shared.
  • Together they make up a comprehensive suite of skills essential for any new broker or mortgage adviser.
  • Before the first session, you'll be invited to a 20 minute 1:1 with Paul to check your tech setup at home, so you can enjoy the online learning as though you were in a classroom.
  • In between, you can enjoy live coaching with Paul, in group video drop-ins and a 45 minute exclusive one to one with Paul via video. Here you can ask any question you like to further your career. Paul will act as your mentor.
  • And to cap it all, we're giving Members a three month pass to the Mortgage Advisory Skills Online Bootcamp, which you can peruse here

The 10 Live Online Workshops

  1. Influencing Your Mortgage Clients - advanced skills to sync with your clients and communicate in their style - 5th October at 7pm
  2. Live Video Selling - teaching you the how etc. of selling via online Video - 12th October at 7pm
  3. Building Trust and Gaining Referrals - setting up a mechanism to harvest ongoing referrals rather than praying and waiting -19th October at 7pm
  4. Fixing Appointments from Leads - how to turn bought leads, referrals and orphan clients into your first meeting - 26th October at 7pm
  5. Your Sales Process and the First 10 Minutes - structuring your advisory process and how to maximise the effect of the first 10 minutes of meeting customers - 2nd November at 7pm
  6. The "How Much Can I Borrow" Meeting - exploring the DIP and affordability section of the sales process - 9th November at 7pm
  7. The 6 Ingredients to Gaining Commitment - for those who "lose" the odd customer or two - 16th November at 7pm
  8. How to Read Customers on Video - for those who want to be able to emulate real-life on Video - 23rd November at 7pm
  9. Conversational Factfinding - how to find your customer's identified needs without interrogating them - 30th November at 7pm
  10. Protection Selling Masterclass – how to effortlessly engrain a protection package within your mortgage advice - 7th December at 7pm
  11. Social Selling Masterclass - how to use the internet to gain new customers - 14th December at 7pm

Live Workshop Details

Here is a zip file that contains a PDF One Pager on each of the 11 workshops. Click here

The Live Coaching Sessions

Paul will act as your Mentor for the period to end December 2021 and you can interact with Paul in three ways:

  1. Live Video Drop-Ins which the whole group can enjoy. Held before each session on the Tuesday evening at 6.30am. A time to network and chat before the main learning event starts.
  2. A 45 minute one to one coaching session on Zoom with Paul exclusively for you, at a time to suit.
  3. Plus you can email Paul at any time

The Mortgage Advisory Skills Online Bootcamp

  • Can be seen here
  • You get three months' access as part of the Academy
  • The Portal  is at https://paularcher.thinkific.com/ have a look and see what you think. You can see the content in more detail and whether the system works on your device.

Next Step

  • Sign up for Paul's free webinar, where he'll explain the problem you may be facing and how his Academy can accelerate your growth in the mortgage market.
  • The Webinars will be run in late August/early September for the Autumn Cohort. To get access to the webinar you MUST be on our Member Database - you can sign up for that on our home page.
  • Here's the link for this Saturday's webinar at 10am -
  • The deadline to sign up for my Advisory Skills Academy this Autumn will be October 5th but we will halt registrations as soon as we've hit 12 people.  
  • An exciting follow on from the Academy will be to be invited into Paul's Inner Circle of coaching clients - our Modern Mortgage Mentor Scheme - where you'll get personal coaching and mentoring for as long as you need it.

Want to talk to Paul Now

We understand that you may want to talk to Paul, maybe to ask a question or just confirm that he's alive and kicking. He's very busy so has made his diary available for you to automatically book a 10 minute Zoom Call.

Click here to fix this up now.

Your Investment

For a limited time only, Paul is opening up his Academy to 12 people this autumn, and your investment will be just £750 but a limited special offer will available to Paul's Membership (you know you're on this because you receive regular emails from Paul each week) announced on the inclusive webinars, including VAT. The discount is a whopping 30% but only to members.

You can sign onto our Membership, for free, on this website, to the right.

How to Enrol On Line

  1. Have a good read of the Terms and Conditions by clicking here

  2. Enrol using the secure arrangements below, using your debit or credit card. Click the box below and follow the instructions to pay on line.