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Equity Release MP3 Audio Collection


  • Immediate Downloadable Zip file
  • 2020/2021
  • £29.95 Inc VAT

During the Autumn of 2020, Paul held a series of conversations on Equity Release to prepare anyone wanting to do the CII’s ER1 paper or the alternative LIBF CeRER exam. Over ten-sessions, each lasting around 45 minutes, Paul chatted through the whole syllabus.

He shared the content, stories, examples and moments of humour and insight. He brought the topic to life and answered audience questions.

In total, 417 minutes of audio recordings covering important parts of the syllabuses. Paul didn't read the textbook, a computer can do that, instead he chatted through in an engaging style.

These have now been packaged into a product you can buy now and download. Listen at your leisure on your favourite device that plays MP3 files.

What are the topics we covered:

Week Subject
1 The Marketplace for Equity Release - 22 Mins
2 The Needs of Equity Release Customers - 39 Mins
3 Regulation and The Sales Process - 49 Mins
4 Equity Release Products - 51 Mins
5 Taxation and Equity Release - 47 Mins
6 State Welfare Benefits - 37 Mins
7 Long Term Care Funding - 32 Mins
8 Legal Aspects in Equity Release - 44 Mins
9 Pensions and ISAs in Equity Release - 48 Mins
10 Complaints, Compensation and Risk Issues - 48 Mins

Free Trial

If you are like me, then I like to listen to things or try them out before I buy them.  So I've laid on a short (3 minute) excerpt of one of the recordings on products that you can listen to right now to appreciate what you're getting.

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When you’ve made your mind up to buy the MP3 files, you can download them now in high quality.

Remember the whole collection gives you 417 minutes of Equity Release.  It might just be the best investment you ever made.

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Many students like to place their files in a DropBox folder which syncs across various devices.

All we ask is that you respect the fact that you're buying just one license i.e. for yourself, so please don't go sharing the files to anyone else. That's illegal but also immoral and unethical. Our industry places enormous weight on these characteristics.

Likewise if you want these for your salesteam or learning system, contact Paul directly and he can advise corporate licenses.

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