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The MP3 Audio Live Podcasts - Autumn 2020

During the Autumn of 2020, Paul will be holding a series of conversations on Equity Release to prepare anyone wanting to do the CII’s ER1 paper or the alternative LIBF CeRER exam. Over ten-session, each lasting around 45 minutes, Paul will chat through the whole syllabus.

He will share the content, stories, examples and moments of humour and insight. He plans to bring the topic to life and answer any of your questions you might have during the conversation.

We’ll use Zoom with no video, only sound so that we can maximise podcast qualities of sound, suspense and vocals.

The session will go live at 10 am on Saturday mornings during the autumn to allow as many of you to attend as possible without having to go to work. Attending live will get you a free recording in December when they’ve been packaged as a product for sale, plus the opportunity to ask questions around the topic being discussed.

We’ll confirm the Zoom link every Monday evening at the foot of the usual Mortgage Adviser emailing for that Saturday’s live session. These are the topics and times so you can put them in your diary now.

  1. The Marketplace for Equity Release – Saturday 3rd October @ 10am
  2. The Needs of Equity Release Customers - Saturday 17th October @ 10am
  3. Legal and Regulatory Side of Equity Release – Saturday 24th October @ 10am
  4. Sales Process and Advising in Equity Release – Saturday 31st October @ 10am
  5. Equity Release Products - Saturday 7th November @ 10am
    Taxation Affecting Equity Release - Saturday 14th November @ 10am
  6. State Benefits and Equity Release - Saturday 21st November @ 10am
  7. Legal Implications Surrounding Equity Release - Saturday 28th November @ 10am
  8. Annuities, Pensions and ISAs – Reviewed for Equity Release - Saturday 5th December @ 10am
  9. Client Protection, Complaints and Compensation - Saturday 12th December @ 10am

The product will be packaged up in December and put up for sale of our website and be included the Equity Release Bootcamp automatically.

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