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Mortgage Advisory Skills Online Bootcamp


Mortgage Advising

You’ve passed your exams and are fully qualified to start advising, you may even have secured a job in the industry. Your next hurdle is to get to Competent Adviser Status (CAS) and you find the actual process of running a business and giving advice new and daunting.

You suddenly realise that you need to start advising and bringing in some good levels of business to make a good living, perhaps looking at selling protection plans alongside a mortgage to give healthier advice to your clients and to earn commission.

Dropped in at the deep end, even with CAS, you want to start running not walking but there’s no training available.

This online video based course will teach you all these things and accelerate your learning and income enormously.

Join Paul Archer, mortgage adviser, manager and sales trainer since 1983, as he teaches this comprehensive course, designed for the new mortgage adviser, recently qualified technically, who wants to thrive in an employed or self-employed position. Paul’s LinkedIn

Paul and his team, have spent the last two years’ creating this course and Paul has spent many hours in the film studio and in post-production, to produce a first-class unique online video course on the subject of mortgage advisory skills.

You’re not working alone when you take this course, I am available to provide help via email at no extra cost. I'm also making myself available to you as a personal coach for one live face to face complimentary 45 minute Zoom Coaching Session, details on enrolment.

What the Course Covers

  • Prospecting and client acquisition techniques such as referral management and appointment making systems for bought internet leads to ensure you always have a full pipeline of new business and you’re maximising your advertising spend. Plus, how to maintain your client base on a CRM system to keep the client forever.
  • Client meeting skills, advanced factfinding concepts and skills coupled with progressive communication and influencing abilities to ensure your meetings with your clients are totally interactive, you gain an understanding of your client’s complete background to allow you to give the right advice. In addition, your client enjoys the experience.
  • Protection packaging techniques and advice from an industry expert at selling protection plans, to ensure you give your client comprehensive advice and earn some additional commission for yourself.
  • Meeting presentation skills to allow your client to fully understand your advice and see the benefits of proceeding.
  • Commitment skills to allow the meetings to reach a successful conclusion for both you and your client without them wanting to shop around or seek advice elsewhere. Plus, the ability to “sell” your initial and ongoing advice fees.
  • Self-motivational methods and Inner Game work to ensure you never have the lows that affect other solo mortgage advisers and you have ways of giving yourself a boost and extra motivation.
  • Time management ideas so you maximise every minute of the working day and still have time for your family.
  • Brand new section for Lockdown - how to present and advise online.
  • In fact, the complete toolkit for a successful mortgage adviser modelled from thousands of highly effective 21st Century Mortgage Advisers.
  • The Government Apprenticeship Standards are fully covered under the skill headings: Quality service delivery, communication and relationship development.

How the Course Works?

  • Our Learning Management System is mobile friendly and allows you to watch the videos on any device with a web browser and that includes your phone. The small screen size is not ideal to see Paul's whiteboard which he uses to explain things on camera, so you may prefer a laptop or tablet.

    The LMS is at have a look and see what you think. You can see the content in more detail and whether the system works on your device.

    • Optimized for all devices

    • Students resume learning exactly where they left off, even mid-video. Students can resume play on any device, including mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

    • Easy course navigation

  • The lessons are approached in a logical order and can be watched at anytime to suit you. On the train, at work, or at home. Videos can be paused, re-run or repeated to suit you. The clips are short – ranging from 2 minutes to 8 minutes and are enjoyable, have humour and text to help you understand what is being taught. They involve Paul Archer talking to you with graphics to support the message.
  • The course consists of over 100 separate video lessons lasting approximately just over 6 hours of footage. The system we use allows you to approach the videos in the order we’ve laid them out or any order to suit and it tells you visually which ones you’ve watched or half watched. At the end you get yourself a certificate of completion for your CPD records.

Try It Out

Do have a look at the site and check out CeMAP 1 as we have a couple of the lessons opened up for you to review the site.

In addition you have the ability to book a 45-minute face to face Zoom coaching meeting with Paul (value £99) to talk about any mortgage related topic you wish.

Join Paul Archer, mortgage adviser, manager and sales trainer since 1983, as he teaches this comprehensive course, designed for you. Paul’s LinkedIn

Paul's credentials:

  • Began in the mortgage sector in 1983 - 37 years' experience. Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Coach.
  • CeMAP qualified, Level 4 IFA qualified, equity release, supervisory qualified.
  • Author of a myriad of technical texts spanning all areas for both the CII and the LIBF.
  • All team are also fully qualified and experienced.
  • Began teaching CeMAP in 1999, when it started, trained thousands of students.
  • Founder and Managing Director of Archer Training Ltd in 2001
  • Working with dozens of banks, lenders, brokers and insurers in the UK and the world.

Complete Course Listing

  • The Modern Buying Process
  • Coach Financial Advice Don't Tell
  • The Danger of Limiting Beliefs
  • UFO's and Limiting Beliefs
  • Question Away Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Are you in the Zone?
  • Controlling Your State of Mind
  • Jose Mourinho and Pressure
  • Building Resilience
  • The Trusted Adviser
  • Seeking Common Ground
  • Rapport in the First 15 Minutes
  • Your Intent
  • Your Competence
  • Summary of the Secrets to Trust
  • The 90:90 Rule
  • The Seven Secrets to a Great First Impression
  • How to Position an Effective Fee Conversation
  • Skills for an Effective Fee Conversation
  • The Four Means of Client Acquisition
  • The Inner Game of Referrals
  • How to Promote Without the Boast
  • A 100% Referral Business
  • Stepping Stones for Mortgage Referrals
  • Securing Business from Google
  • How to Make Your Advice Appear Scarce
  • Preparing the Call - Your Value Proposition
  • Incubating Your Prospects
  • Preparing to Make the Calls - Your Motivation
  • Golden Rules for Making Appointment Calls
  • Appointment Call Structure
  • Email Prospecting Techniques
  • How to Ensure you're Put Through to Business Customers
  • Tending to Your Prospecting
  • The Trust Trick
  • The Customer's Motivation to Buy
  • A Trip Around the Customer's Motivation Triangle
  • The ABC to Communicate with Customers
  • Recognising Your Customer's Style
  • Syncing with Your Customer
  • Customer's Hot Buttons and Criteria
  • Types of Questions to use in Factfinding
  • Power Questioning Skills
  • Sugar Coating Your Questioning
  • What to Avoid When Asking Questions
  • How to Have a Conversational Factfind
  • Eliciting Hard Facts
  • Lifeline Planning Tool
  • Coaching the Gap
  • Three Levels of Listening
  • Away From Customer Motivation
  • Towards Customer Motivation
  • Customer Attention Spans
  • Final Tips for a Conversational Factfind
  • The Definitive Guide to Protection Selling 100 page eBook
  • MP3 - Setting Your Stall
  • MP3 - The 3 Secrets to Trust
  • MP3 - Coaching with CIGAR
  • MP3 - The Lifeline and Protection
  • MP3 - Revealling Gaps
  • MP3 - Hypnotic Selling Tips
  • Rapportselling Tales - published eBook on protection and mortgage selling
  • Introducing our Expert
  • How are you Successful?
  • What are Your Beliefs?
  • What Process do You Follow?
  • Do You Work With Budgets?
  • How do You Position Yourself?
  • How do You Factfind for Protection
  • What Would Happen If...
  • Who Answers Your Questions
  • How do You Discuss Health?
  • How do You Secure the Policy?
  • How do You Determine Cover?
  • How Do You Prevent Online Buying?
  • How Long Are Your Meetings?
  • How do You Keep Them Engaged?
  • Any Final Tips?
  • What's Your Take on Selling?
  • Locking in the Customer
  • Closing Skills
  • Do you Have an Allergy to "No"
  • Pre-framing Objections
  • Provocative Objection Handling
  • Buying Signals and Body Language
  • Calibrate your Customer
  • 5 Closing Techniques
  • The LAPAC Method of Handling Concerns
  • Knee Jerk Reactions
  • How to Secure Chargeable Ongoing Advice
  • Presenting Your Solution
  • Your Online Sales Process
  • Your Professional In House Studio
  • Competent with Video Tech
  • Online Video Selling Skills
  • Sales Presentation Visual aids
  • Using PowerPoint with Online Selling
  • BANJO your Time Management
  • To CRM or not to CRM
  • Cloud Time Management Tools
  • How to Clear Your Inbox
  • Covey's Time Management Grid
  • Minimising your Collection Points
  • Filling Your Funnel and KPIs
  • Qualifications, skills, CAS and CPD
  • AR v DA, Networks, Compliance and Lenders
  • Client acquisition, prospecting and personal marketing
  • Goal setting, planning, Mojo maintaining and diversification
  • Tech, automation and embracing the future Building a team, upscaling your business
  • The Mortgage Adviser world post COVID
  • Exactly What is a Network?


The investment allowing single personal access to the videos is just £199 including VAT. We give you access to the Bootcamp for a year.

How to Enrol

  •  Just click on the "Add to Basket" below and you'll be taken to a secure payment page.
  • Just click on the button to enrol, use your credit or debit card using our secure systems. Later that day, we'll email you with your user name and password that you can use to enrol in the Learning Management System.
  • Joining instructions will be emailed to you later in the day.
  • If you wish to purchase a bulk license, just contact Paul via email for corporate discounts.