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Paul Archer’s CeMAP Online Bootcamp - 2019/20

You’ve decided that passing CeMAP is your first step to a great new career in mortgage advising and financial services.

You really want to get it done but you don’t have the money or time to attend a long drawn out class. Expensive, when you factor in the travel and accommodation.

You’re struggling to study on your own with just the textbook and you need some help, guidance and expertise.

You still have to earn a living full time and this makes it tricky to study as well. But you really want to get your CeMAP under your belt. If this is you, then you’ll favour Paul Archer’s CeMAP Online Bootcamp.

Designed to help you pass all the CeMAP with self paced learning. Online help and coaching covering the whole syllabus delivered personally by Paul Archer, who’s been training CeMAP since 1999 and have helped thousand’s of people pass through his innovative online materials.

Structured video and audio based lessons delivered to your device of choice. Weekly webinars with access to Paul, Discussion Forum to share ideas and best practice, more than 60 self directed lessons with over 40 hours of trainer video, added to every week, and 2,000 minutes of audio covering the syllabus. Plus Paul as your mentor via email.

In addition you have the ability to book a 45-minute face to face Skype coaching meeting with Paul (value £99) to talk about any mortgage related topic you wish.

And at a price that won’t break the bank and far cheaper than attending an expensive face to face course.

Join Paul Archer, mortgage adviser, manager and sales trainer since 1983, as he teaches this comprehensive course, designed for you. Paul’s LinkedIn

Paul's credentials:

  • Began in the mortgage sector in 1983 - 35 years' experience. Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Coach.
  • CeMAP qualified, Level 4 IFA qualified, equity release, supervisory qualified.
  • Author of a myriad of technical texts spanning all areas for both the CII and the LIBF.
  • All team are also fully qualified and experienced.
  • Began teaching CeMAP in 1999, when it started, trained thousands of students.
  • Founder and Managing Director of Archer Training Ltd in 2001
  • Working with dozens of banks, lenders, brokers and insurers in the UK and the world.


How Does it Work?

You can enrol at any time to suit you as the course is self paced and all the multimedia is accessible via the Learning Management System. You'll have access to the system for a complete year and can choose the timescale to suit you.

Many students like to set a schedule before they start. Here's some examples:

  • Commit to 5 lessons each week and you can get all the CeMAPS finished within 3 months.
  • Commit to 2 to 3 lessons each week and you'll complete them within 6 months.
  • Totally your choice. You can take a break, go on holiday, relax. You have a complete year to acheive them all.

You need to book your CeMAP exams once you've worked out your schedule.

The lessons are based around videos. You watch the videos and enjoy the interactive experience of Paul teaching you a topic. You can watch these time and time again. The lessons are delivered via our Learning Management System – – and you can view them on any device to suit. In all, you have just over 40 hours of video footage and each week more is added exclusively for Bootcampers.

Every other day, you'll get to listen to a podcast where Paul will talk to you on the topics you’ve just been watching videos on. Essentially, he’ll be chatting to you around the LIBF textbook to ensure you understand everything so far. In all you have just under 2,000 minutes of online audio content to stream, that's 33 hours covering the whole syllabus. Again all of this is exclusive to Bootcampers.

Our YouTube Channel has 12 of the videos that you can watch now to see the style and type of video that dominates our bootcamp. You won;t see any page turning old fashioned eLearning here. Click here to access the Channel.

Some of the lessons will involve exams to see how you’re progressing and you’ll also have access to eBooks of Paul’s renowned Revision Guides.

You can email Paul at any time, using the Learning Management System, with questions but Paul can’t take phone calls as he’s in demand and very busy.

Every week, usually Friday or Saturday morning, you'll be invited to a livestream where students can pose questions and Paul will answer these using his whiteboard live where possible. This livestream will be recorded and you can view this at anytime. Many Bootcampers prefer to do this.

You’ll have access to the CeMAP Online Bootcamp for 365 days but the aim is to get your CeMAPs done and dusted within this time frame.

Finally you can choose when to enjoy your live face to face Skype coaching call with Paul (valued at £99) to chat through any of your goals.

9 Minute Screen Capture Video Explaining the Bootcamp


Mobile Learning Option

Built into our Bootcamp is our Mobile or mLearning option. The ability to do your learning using your mobile device using apps available from iOS (Apple) and Android phones.

The mLearning option gives you the ability to study whenever and wherever your Phone takes you. The approach also allows you to use any laptop/PC or tablet plus Smart TVs with Amazon’s Prime system.

At the same time as being enrolled on the Learning Management System – Archercourses – we put you onto our mLearning engine. Initially and every week we email you individual links for the lessons. The link takes you to our password-protected Vimeo site where you can watch the videos via their website. Vimeo provide a neat app for your phone or tablet to watch the videos or you can view them through their website automatically.

We send you all the Lesson links upfront so you can gauge your own timing and schedule. The videos can be watched on Vimeo and the audios listened to on your device that you pick the email from.

So for example, you access your emails via the Chrome operating system on your Android phone or Safari on your iPhone. You receive our weekly email and click on the Lesson video link. So long as you’ve downloaded the Vimeo App on your phone, the videos will play beautifully on your phone with full control. Even without the app, they will play via your browser.

Audio links will automatically play on your device so you can listen to these on your own, in the gym, whilst driving. Documents can be downloaded as PDFs and read on the screen too.
Even our video livestreams can be watched from your phone and viewed live also using the YouTube or Vimeo apps for your phone.

It really is a seamless mobile learning experience.

But if you prefer the PC and the Learning Management System, that’s there for you as well.
Remember with the mLearning option or the LMS, you can send an email at any time with questions and queries; we’d be happy to help.

Interested? Next Steps

The investment, just £399 including VAT, for the whole CeMAP, tutoring and expert coaching to help you pass the exams within 12 months at home. You can pay by credit card on our secure systems.

Alternatively you can opt for the CeMAP 1 Online Bootcamp alone, which costs £225 including VAT or the CeMAP 2 and 3 Bootcamp which costs the same. You have access to both of these for 12 months too.

You also need to register and pay the exam fee with the LIBF to take the exams, speak to them directly on this.

    Detailed Content and Schedule

    CeMAP 1

    Lesson 1 Introducing the financial services industry
    Lesson 2 Economic policy and financial regulation
    Lesson 3 UK taxation (1)
    Lesson 4 UK taxation (2)
    Lesson 5 State benefits
    Lesson 6 Direct investments: cash and fixed-interest securities
    Lesson 7 Other direct investments 
    Lesson 8 Collective investments
    Lesson 9 Tax wrappers
    Lesson 10 Pension products
    Lesson 11 Life assurance
    Lesson 12 Health and general insurance
    Lesson 13 Secured and unsecured lending
    Lesson 14 Understanding and satisfying customer needs
    Lesson 15 The main advice areas
    Lesson 16 Key legal concepts
    Lesson 17 Unit 1 Exams
    Lesson 18 The FCA’s aims and activities
    Lesson 19 Regulating firms and individuals 
    Lesson 20 Prudential supervision
    Lesson 21 Conduct of business requirements (1) 
    Lesson 22 Conduct of business requirements (2)
    Lesson 23 Consumer credit
    Lesson 24 Money laundering 
    Lesson 25 Other regulation affecting the advice process
    Lesson 26 Consumer rights, complaints and compensation
    Lesson 27 Unit 2 Exams

    CeMAP 2 and 3

    Lesson 1 Property and mortgage markets
    Lesson 2 Types of borrower
    Lesson 3 Mortgage regulation
    Lesson 4 Mortgage and property law 
    Lesson 5 Buying a property: an overview
    Lesson 6 The legal aspects of property purchase
    Lesson 7 Regulation and the buying process
    Lesson 8 Scottish law on mortgages and house purchase
    Lesson 9 The role of the mortgage adviser
    Lesson 10 Assessing the applicant’s financial status
    Lesson 11 Checking the applicant’s credit status and suitability
    Lesson 12 Assessing the property and surveys
    Lesson 13 Other factors that affect the lending decision
    Lesson 14 Unit 3 and 4 Exams
    Lesson 15 Mortgage repayment methods and endowments
    Lesson 16 Other repayment vehicles for interest-only mortgages 
    Lesson 17 Interest-rate options
    Lesson 18 Other mortgage products
    Lesson 19 Schemes for specific groups of borrower
    Lesson 20 Mortgage-related insurance products
    Lesson 21 Raising additional funds from property
    Lesson 22 Transferring mortgages
    Lesson 23 Arrears and debt management
    Lesson 24 Lenders’ legal rights and remedies
    Lesson 25 Unit 5 and 6 Exams
    Lesson 26 CeMAP 3 Case Study Practice and Answers
    Lesson 27 CeMAP 3 Case Study Practice and Answers
    Lesson 28 CeMAP 3 Case Study Practice and Answers
    Lesson 29 CeMAP 3 Case Study Practice and Answers

    Bonus Revision Material

    Bonus 1
    • CeMAP 1 Audio Revision Programme - 527 minutes
    • CeMAP 1 Revision Guide - PDF
    Bonus 2
    • CeMAP 2 Audio Revision Programme - 430 minutes
    • CeMAP 2 Revision Guide - PDF
    • CeMAP 3 Revision Guide - PDF

    How to Enrol

    Just click on the button to enrol, use your credit or debit card using our secure systems. Later that day, we'll email you with your user name and password that you can use to enrol in the Learning Management System.

    Joining instructions will be emailed to you later in the day.

    Full CeMAP Bootcamp - £399
    CeMAP 1 Bootcamp - £225
    CeMAP 2/3 Bootcamp - £225

    I Want to Think About It

    Send me a CeMAP Question everyday please, for free, whilst I think about it. Just enter your email address in the box below. If you prefer to talk to Paul directly before making a decision, email him and he'll set up a phone call meeting for ten minutes with you.