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CeMAP Products

All our materials are fully up to date with the London Institute of Banking and Finance syllabus for 2020/21 and 2021/22. All recent purchasers can have their digital product updated free of charge.

You have access to dozens of multi-sensory CeMAP products designed to help you pass the mortgage adviser examinations.

We've been creating and delivering CeMAP since it all began in 1998 and have thousands of satisfied customers who have benefitted from our materials, click here to see what they say.

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CeMAP Online Bootcamp

Its exciting, it's our most comprehensive online home study course and a market leader in multimedia and live interaction. All from the comfort of your living room at a cost that'll stay in budget plus totally self paced. Hours of trainer video and audio to replace the LIBF textbook plus livestreams each week and Paul as your mentor accessible via email and a livestream coaching session.

It'll get you through the CeMAPs in around 3 to 6 months but you have access for a whole year.

Priced at just £225 for CeMAP 1 Bootcamp, so click here to find out more.

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Protection Qualification Bootcamp

Launched in October 2021 and designed to help you pass the LIBF's CertPro or the CII's R05 exam. These are for mortgage and other advisers who want to become seriously qualified for protection advice. CeMAP only touched the sides of the topic. Although the regulator hasn't yet made these exams compulsory, all good professionals need to have them under their belt.

Priced at just £225, including hours of video from our online portal, audios, Revision Guides and a Test Pack all in digital format.

CeMAP Audio Collections

CeMAP 1 Audio

CeMAP 1 Audio MP3 - Live Recording - 544 minutes
£19.99 inc VAT - Immediate Download


CeMAP 2 Audio

CeMAP 2 Audio MP3 - Live Recording - 430 minutes
£19.99 inc VAT - Immediate Download


CeMAP 3 Audio

CeMAP 3 Audio MP3 - Live Recording during Spring/Summer 2022
£19.99 inc VAT - Immediate Download when completed - attend live for free


CeMAP 1 and 2 Audio Combined

CeMAP 1 and 2 Audio MP3 - Live Recording - 974 minutes
£34.99 inc VAT - Immediate Download
A saving of £5


CeMAP Revision Guides

CeMAP 1 Revision Guide - 2020/2021 Edition (Still being tested by LIBF in 2021/22)
eBook - £20.00 - Published Book £32 including first class post
Free Trial Available

CeMAP 2 Revision Guide - 2021/2022 Edition
eBook - £20.00 - Published Book £32 including first class post and packing
Free Trial Available


CeMAP 3 Revision Guide - 2021/2022 Edition
eBook - £20.00 - Published Book £32 including first class post
Includes video and audio commentary on all the case study answers.




CeMAP Tests and Activity Packs

CeMAP 1 Tests Pack - 2020/2021 Edition

CeMAP 2 Tests Pack - 2021/2022 Edition

Equity Release Online Bootcamp

Just launched for all those mortgage advisers who are keen to quickly and painlessly pass their equity release exams - either the CII's ER1 or the LIBF's CeRER.Completely online, delivered to a device of your choosing - phone, iPad, laptop, PC.Hours of trainer's video explaining all the topics plus test papers, livestream updates and access to Paul as your mentor.

Priced at just £199 including VAT - click to find our more.

Equity Release Audio Collection

 417 minute collection of podcast recordings covering both the ER1 and the CeRER Equity Release exams. Ideal for learning on the move.

Just £29.95 including VAT for 1 License

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