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Archer Training Public Course Terms and Conditions

1 Alterations

1.1 Archer Training Ltd reserves the right to change the dates and any other arrangements of the Course by notice to you.

2 Your Responsibilities

2.1 You are responsible for ensuring the security of your belongings and possessions while attending the course
2.2 You shall appraise yourselves of and abide by the safety procedures and regulations

3 Payment Provisions

3.1 The Contract Price shall be as advertised or otherwise agreed between us in writing before commencement of the Course
3.2 You shall pay the full amount of the Contract Price at the time the Enrolment Form is sent to Archer Training Ltd;
3.3 The Contract Price does not include:
3.3.1. insurance;
3.3.2. any other goods or services not expressly agreed in writing

4 Timescale

Archer Training Ltd shall not be responsible for any reduction in the number of Course hours or the Course content caused by factors beyond its control, including failure of you to comply with the Contract.

5 Complaints

5.1 If you have any complaints or are dissatisfied in any respect with the Course you should raise these immediately (and in any event within 24 hours) with Archer Training Ltd or any other representative appointed by it.
5.2 Archer Training Ltd will use its best endeavours to rectify any problems as soon as possible
5.3 Any complaint which Archer Training Ltd could not reasonably be expected to have rectified onsite shall be notified to Archer Training Ltd in writing within 14 days of the end of the Course

6 Cancellation

6.1 Archer Training Ltd may terminate this agreement with immediate effect on written notice if:
6.1.1. you default in payment of the Contract Price;
6.1.2. you are declared bankrupt;
6.1.3. you behave in such fashion as to endanger the lives or health of themselves or others
6.2 Archer Training Ltd may terminate this Contract at its discretion at any time by giving notice in writing
6.3 If you cancel the Contract at any time you shall forfeit the following proportion of the Contract Price:
6.3.1. Cancellation within 28 days of the start of the course 100%
6.4 If Archer Training Ltd cancels the Contract it shall refund all monies paid to you. If Archer Training Ltd cancels in circumstances beyond the control of either of us then you shall pay only the costs incurred by Archer Training Ltd.
6.5 In any event Archer Training Ltd shall use its best endeavours to minimise its costs on cancellation

7 Refund Policy

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